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Aditya RMC ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete Manufacture, the newest and most successful extension in Aditya Infra’s wide expanse in services, goes beyond strength & durability by aiding the innovative construction practices.

Our processes are on par with the global industrial standards for material manufacture where numerous factors such as structural strength, durability & longevity, capacity, engineering limitations and more are taken into consideration in bringing the unmatched levels of standards in Ready Mix Concrete manufacture.

The most eminent developers and real-estate companies across Tamilnadu have been able to deliver projects that add to their merit, only with the help of the superlative concrete material from Aditya Infra that binds the strength of every building block. Our material, being the top of the industry, is the ideal choice for developing innovative architectural and engineering marvels strongly preferred by the architects and engineers of today.

We have established a prominent position as certified and most trusted manufacturers of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) by bringing ease in construction that in turn help in bringing masterly project management phases. This helps us stand out in the competitive RMC manufacture sector, making us the first and topmost choice by everyone in the construction field.

The Benefits

Engineering finds a new dimension with Aditya Infra. Our RMC caters to the Research and Development (R&D) efforts involved in modern engineering, and excels as the most desirable choice for Civil engineers and other people in the construction network. We have manifested our key abilities with

  • Impeccable Quality in Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)
  • Long-term durability and strength in material
  • High capacity for material manufacture catering to both small scale and     large scale projects
  • Easy handling and seamless management

We ensure the construction-friendly nature of the material with perfect screening processes and testing that makes the ‘Ready Mix Concrete’ truly ‘ready to be mixed’.

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