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Aditya Construction

Construction, the key base for Aditya Infra to prove their excellence with real-time projects is the symbol of not just our quality but social relatability. We follow the best industrial practices to ensure our promise of quality, seamless construction process, durability and innovation. A range of PWD and CPWD Projects prove the capability of our creations to stand mighty and respond to both the society and the urban construction trends.


The proven expertise with the projects for Chennai Corporation in the major areas of the city such as Pondy Bazaar, T.Nagar, Mint and Ennore stands as the early landmark projects that were responsible for the timeless recognition that Aditya Infra has gained.


We have had a consistent growth in the construction field by achievement of the milestones proven by the rich legacy of renowned projects such as School and Institutional buildings along with the government projects.

The Benefits

Construction finds a new dimension with Aditya Infra. We experiment with innovation for creating the modern masterpieces that evolve with the technology and advancement of the current era. We have manifested our key abilities with

  • Customised design of Warehouse structures rem
  • Construction of curated residential bungalows rem
  • Building prominent structures such as Institutions and Schools rem
  • Efficient design of Commercial buildings rem
  • Best construction solutions for every building need rem

We look deep into every aspect of construction right from the material selection till the successful execution of project with a strong project management and expert teamwork.

Is your project in need of a strong hold with end-to-end service in Construction?

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